On Saturday, March 2, our members braved a blustery day at the Shop 'N Save at Freedom Square to be greeted by wonderful shoppers who donated over a hundred bags of groceries and generous cash contributions to continue our Community's support of the Gleaners Food Bank, the designated food bank to serve the Cranberry Township area.

The push to keep the shelves full at Gleaners Food Bank to serve our neighbors and friends, Rotarians will continue their efforts on Sunday, March 24 from 8am until 5pm at the Cranberry Township Walmart.

Gleaners Food Bank is in most need of assistance this time of year as the families and individuals supported by Gleaners are also facing higher utility bills during the cold winter months and donations of items are at their lowerst point. For more information about Gleaners Food Bank please visit their website here

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, March 24 at Walmart.  If you miss that opportunity, we are continuing to collect donations at the Municipal Center on Rochester Road, where donations are being accepted at the Caring Center through the end of March, which is located immediately adjacent to the entrance to the Township Administrative Offices. 

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity!